Our Story

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In 2006 my wife & I felt Jesus speak to us about leaving Southend Vineyard (which we had planted and led for 15 years) and starting a new church. How did we know Jesus was speaking to us? Well it was not just one instance or feeling but rather a succession of feelings and events. We have been used to God speaking and directing us throughout our Christian lives, which is what makes our faith so real and exciting to us.

He spoke through people we respected, dreams, the Bible, circumstances and a small inner voice.

Why Leicester?

Once we had decided to move we had a list of boxes we wanted to tick. We wanted to be central in the country with good road access, a university city as we love working with students, obviously where God wanted us and also where there were lots of nice people.

I realize there are nice people everywhere however this is a fun story.I kept saying to Juliet that wherever we moved there must be nice people (joking). Anyway we were in Sainsbury’s in Oadby. I had a headache so I went in to buy some Nurofen. All the tills were full and I almost left because of the queues, when a young couple called me over. At first I didn’t realize they were calling me but they persisted and so I went over. They invited me to the front of the queue, in front of them saying along with some other pleasantries: “this is just so you know there are nice people in Leicester”. How cool is that?

You see God is interested in every detail of our lives and our calling. So along with a list of confirmations we decided that we were being called to Leicester.

2007 - the church begins

So in January 2007 we moved our family from Southend to Leicester and started a small group in our home. We have taken our little group out on the streets of Leicester to pray for the sick and thrown lots of parties.

As people started to gather we held a monthly meeting to worship and teach the Bible @ Mobius Bar, but this quickly filled up, so in February 2008 we started Sunday morning services at the Walkers Stadium in one of the function rooms.

Sundays at Leicester City Vineyard

Our morning services are fun and relaxed. We start with good coffee and donuts and then worship for about 25 minutes. After a short chocolate break there is a relevant talk from the Bible and an opportunity to pray for each other.

Our Church 

We are excited as to all Jesus is doing amongst us and hope that you will visit and join us as we explore the Kingdom of God and see its influence in our community and the City as a whole.

We hope this will be a church of workers making a difference in Leicester and further afield as God gives grace.

Steve & Juliet Barber

Church Leaders